Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Music of Withdrawal

So, I'm cleansing. Fasting. Hurting. Fighting through the headaches, weakness, light-headedness and all the colors that I see everytime I close my eyes. There's been no energy to do much except lay on my back and sweat it out. Even staring at any type of screen for too long makes the kid slightly woozy. This has to be good right? The detox. The rest. Every once in a while you have to slow it it down, I guess. Stop runnin'. Start floatin'.


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Small Saviors

It doesn't just sound good. It's not just catchy.

It has pulled you in from the ledge.

We search for that new music to revisit the feeling. The high that lasts for however long the tune maintains. It's a necessity for the audio junkie. We're willing to pay for the fix ($21 for a Betty Davis UK import in 2002. What was I thinking?) It's the temporary panacea that will mitigate the blow of a life curve ball. Will it cure cancer? Depression? Not sure. But it will save you. Every sound addict has a few- the tracks that rescue. I've come across the following that have offered a paddle when needed. Please share your remedies.




Monday, June 22, 2009

The Vinyl Dilemma

Records. Pops used to play them. My sister had a fierce Menudo/New Edition obsession, so I was forced to look at greasy pop stars on 12" x 12 " covers by the boatload everytime I snuck my nose into her collection. I don't remember Ma dukes dabbling in them too much. She was a Lite FM loyalist. The radio was her thing. She couldn't be bothered with the steady handed skill it took to put the needle on wax and the continuous movement associated with flipping the sides. But pretty soon, all that was over. No one wanted to be bothered with it.

Tapes. Smaller. Dub-able. Clearly the logical choice for consuming audio treats. They had a good run. Vanessa Williams' The Right Stuff was my first, with many to follow.

CD's. The ultimate. Shiny. No rewinding. Wait. I can go right to the song I like? Nice.

MP3's. Impersonal but fortified with convenience and speed. Slowly but surely the music became faceless with these jammies and ended up fueling the A.D.D. and diminishing the music experience. So what? I can have my entire music collection on a fun little box with a screen. I'll get over it.

Back to Records. I have a problem...

My parents aren't collectors anymore so they gave all of their vinyl to moi a few years back. 300+ pieces. The quintessential blessing/curse. More classic music than I know what to do with, but also the burden of lugging and storing literally hundreds of pounds of material through 3 states and 7 moves over the last 8 years- not to mention my own additions to the collection. They're heavy, big and impractical in this new day, yet "real music heads" all over the world still collect. Cool for them, but why am I still holding on.

On occasion I'll take Herbie Hancock and CJ and Co. out for a much needed spin. And let's not overlook the warmth of the dust crackle as the horn blows on Kind of Blue. Or the sheer friggin' coolness of the photography on DJ Roger's It's Good to Be Alive album liner notes. No substitute for having these gems in your hands and I won't give them up. The truth is though, a lot of these records never see the light of day. I'm sure I could live a life worth saving without having 60% of them. Saying good-bye has become an obvious issue.

Unfortunately, at a time when I'm doing everything I can to simplify, these things are taking up valuable real estate in my diminutive living quarters. I actually contemplated signing another year long lease at my former apartment simply because I didn't want to deal with the hassle of bagging these joints up. Now that's real.

Am I being a pack rat? Am I just attached to the aesthetic aspect of having them displayed on a shelf and what they symbolize: a supposed true love and dedication to the authentic? Do I really need to validate my hugs and kisses for the classics? What's a man to do? Won't be able to sleep if I give them away. Not willing to go through the logistics of selling them on any real formal level. They're so beautiful though....



No More Alcohol Before Interviews

We actually kept it together relatively well. This was done right after our show at the Nuyorican Poet's Cafe in NYC in November of 08. Watch it and be hypnotized. Much love to for the shine.


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Def Dom's Honorable Bumps Mixtape Free Download

Def turns into CSI, New Jersey when it comes to finding out where the new music is being held captive. I'm sure he spends a good chunk of the week doing it too. Here's the best part; you don't have to do jack. Just sit on your lazy ass and download his latest collection. It'll make you damp like the morning lawn.

One of the last...

Brokn Englsh may be one of the last hip hop groups I believe in. They have superb chemistry, they write with insight and wit, and they perform like they believe in the idea of showmanship. I know I speak for Def as well when I say that it has been great working with these cats and trading guest appearances. Their album, "The Drawing Board" is set for release soon. Be on the lookout. They had a shot to sway the crowd at this year's Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival and ripped the seams. Peep for yourself. Bless up fellas.


Day 1

We are indeed Pardon the Stranger. Kendal Good and Def Dom. Def is the illest producer and graf artist that has ever come through a vaginal canal. Kendal Good sings and writes like he should be paid for it. Together we make electro/soul music that changes lives and gives your ears a boner. We are audio junkies. Keep up.