Saturday, November 28, 2009

"Happy" Video

I can't lie. I normally hate video shoots. A lot of standing around and waiting. They're tedious too. Restlessness sets in, and I just want to go home. Shooting the video for "Happy" was a little different. It was my first time as director and I was surrounded with some beautiful people. Of course my brother Def was on board, and once again, the project could not have been possible without the help of Terrance Wilmore of as an incredible DP and all around positive force that helped carry out the vision all the way through. My sister Shane provided the set, my homegirl AJ provided the glam and Mom and Pops even came through to show love. Peace to guerilla filmmakers, musicians and artists worldwide that make it happen with creativity, resourcefulness and NO MONEY!! You are indeed the spooks that sit by the door...


And with no further ado... "Happy"

Monday, November 9, 2009

Pretty Damn Ugly

So Daniel Joseph's album release was glorious. The summary: I sang a little. Def danced and wore a cool jacket. Elete cracked me up. Alden held me down. I missed Brokn Englsh on stage. Dang. Black 45 gave us a dope intro. Ment cut. Girl had a Bad Brains t-shirt on. Nice! Ant told me about hot Jamaican spices. Sheena's so little. Like a Polly Pocket. Rewmec did what he does. Omar and Les, I see y'all! St. Joe Louis killed. Bullymouth killed. Poet reminded me of the singing lessons he gave me. Nekeya and Haiku are the sweetest things ever. A-Sharp's stomach recovered. EMAPhotography brought light to the dark. Love to the bridge that unites hip hop and soul music. If you missed it...well then you just missed it. Here's a piece:

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Daniel Joseph's Album Release Party Performance

Yes, Pardon the Stranger shall be on that stage in full character, as will our Garden State bredren. Come show love for that good Jersey movement.