Monday, July 6, 2009

Know the Difference

I have to say that on behalf of my belly's hunger for the glow of creativity that truly moves and stirs, I've looked into some intensely hailed artists (of various disciplines) during my short tenure on this here little stone only to discover a blaze of mediocrity and banality. Then the search becomes exhausting and we get lazy. We look so hard for something to inspire us that we settle for damn near anything that comes close to standing out. When we're dying of thirst in the desert and there's no water, do we drink the sand because we're thirsty or because we don't know the difference? ( "The American President" Michael Douglas. Go watch it.) I honestly wonder.

But when the ocean is presented, there is no question.

Crystal Clarity is one of the most stunning visual artists that I've ever come across. She sees in a way that I (and most people for that matter) can't. I met Crystal the summer of 2002 while working in a little shop on 8th St. across the way from Electric Lady Studios. I got a chance to peep glances of her sketch book here and there and was impressed, but as the artist in her has grown over the years, she has reached mind bending status (at least for me). The connective tissue between her visual work and her obvious love of the soul/hip hop/jazz/house music that has given us all reason to breathe is probably what continues to pull me in. The speakers sang, and she drew us the city...


See more of Crystal's work

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