Monday, November 9, 2009

Pretty Damn Ugly

So Daniel Joseph's album release was glorious. The summary: I sang a little. Def danced and wore a cool jacket. Elete cracked me up. Alden held me down. I missed Brokn Englsh on stage. Dang. Black 45 gave us a dope intro. Ment cut. Girl had a Bad Brains t-shirt on. Nice! Ant told me about hot Jamaican spices. Sheena's so little. Like a Polly Pocket. Rewmec did what he does. Omar and Les, I see y'all! St. Joe Louis killed. Bullymouth killed. Poet reminded me of the singing lessons he gave me. Nekeya and Haiku are the sweetest things ever. A-Sharp's stomach recovered. EMAPhotography brought light to the dark. Love to the bridge that unites hip hop and soul music. If you missed it...well then you just missed it. Here's a piece:


  1. You sound amazing... I can listen to you all night.... from stronglatina

  2. just wanted to let you guys know that, everyone loved you. i was in the crowd. i heard it with my own ears. great job! thank you so much!!!!