Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Brooklyn. Hurricane Season. Lessons.

The Res show was March 12th, so I am admittedly ultra late on this, but I felt a reflection was in order. I know I speak for my partners in crime on this show, Terrance Wilmore and Talib Nelson (www.thisisrealmusic.com) when I say that we thank everyone that showed love that night and came through despite the terror of the Wizard of Oz weather. A million and one things went on that night. Writing about all of it would turn this into a mini thesis, but there is something that I learned and took away from the experience- The Strength of Energy. I seemed to have grossly underestimated the power of positive and negative energy. Not at all to be on some moonbeam hippie ish, but I would be remiss if I didn't note how important it is to be surrounded by people that not only give off that light and that warmth, but to expel those that bring the rain and the storm indoors. That's not news to anyone I'm sure, but it hit me hard on that particular night and a reminder never killed anyone.

I also gained a jewel in overstanding why God blessed the child that's got his own. Simply put, bulding your own world means that you can let in who you want. Being a part of someone else's (however grand) means that you must deal with all the people that are already there-as well as the new unwanteds that haven't arrived yet. To my extended family, my hardworking musical and art adoring community, our kingdom is being developed. It's small, but it's lovely and most importantly, it's ours. As we continue to grow our circle from within, let nothing tear asunder.


A special shout: To my bandmates who played to perfection: Dave Chege, bass. Stephen Spencer, keys and guitar. Mark Bell, drums. To my sisters Shane and Keisha that held down the merch table ALL NIGHT and to Amanda that held down the front door ALL NIGHT. To Dj Metaphysic who played hit after hit. To Liz(www.nobodybeatstheliz.wordpress.com)and Joann (www.musiclookslikethis.com) for taking marvelous flicks. Thanks y'all!!

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