Monday, January 18, 2010

Taking the Pajamas Off for 2010

Ok. So I've definitely been sleeping when it comes to the blog updates. My vow for 2010 is to keep you all up on not only what's been going on with PTS, but also heads within our ridiculously talented extended family. Forgive the snoozing. The alarm has gone off

1) Firstly, I have to show love to my brother Ed Marshall. He is an amazing photographer out of Brooklyn, NY that has kept his eye firmly fixed on the underground music scene. If you know Afro-Punk or URB ALT, then you know Ed. He has recently put out a collection of his work called PhocusED available at Luckily, he chose to show yours truly to be a part of the collection. Do the right thing. GET THE BOOK!

2) You know Def Dom right? Of course you do. The man stays working. He just completed his project with Delinquent Soundz MC, Phonetic to create, Phonetically Def. Without hearing a note, you already know the beats bang and the lyrics don't falter. It will be available very shortly, so don't leave the computer screen. Yes, I already know I dropped the ball on posting the flyer for the listening party last week (just shut up about it), but still, the visual should be burned into your brains.

3)Hasan Salaam's latest album Children of God is a testament to why hip hop should remain in the forefront of our lives. The release party for his video for "Angel Dust" is approaching. Do your best not to lick the screen as you watch the trailer. Ameena Dove is difficult to turn away from.

Make sure you come to Public Assembly in BK on 1/23/2010 to see it all live and direct. Yes, PTS will be there to touch the stage as well.

4)J-Dilla could've been his own element in hip hop. He was responsible for countless hits and brought Slum Village to the world, so it's only right that we celebrate his contributions to our collective eargasmic experience. Come peep the Dilla tribute 2/5/2010 and understand why we salute this man. Peace to DJ Metaphysic for letting me be a part of the festivities.

5) Last but not least, I have to thank my longtime bredren J-Harris for thinking of the kid when he needed a guitar player for Letoya Luckett's new video "Good to Me". the day was long, but it was worth it to spend some time with some down ass folks. See the little plaid figure on the right? Yeah, that's me trying to play it cool and not pay attention to the camera shooting Letoya's twitter blast.

Copy and paste the link to peep the post:
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Alright family, that's all for now. I promise next time I will not wait so long to give you the scoop. A special apology goes out to my sister Shane, who consistently yells at me for having to find out about these events from elsewhere. Sorry doll, you know I love ya. And YOU too!


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